With the passage of time our world assumes varied forms with colour and grandeur; and Ghatal, our sweet home, dear one than any other sweet home is no exception. We are proud of our rich heritage; and Ghatal College of Education is a new feather to be a part of it.Far from the beaming trans-cultural city of Kolkata Ghatal, our sub-division is thriving on commerce can boast of her own culture, education and agriculture, the lifeline of the locality. Far from the beaming Trans-cultural city of...
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Prabir Maity
M.A, M.Ed,M.Phil, Mass -Com, Ph.D(Pursuing)

World Environment Day

Online Learning

College can boast of a quality library in each and every aspect, mainly its huge space. Lot of books, magazines and journals enrich its quality. E-Library, the latest provision adds to the benefits of it. Students can enjoy the well-furnished arrangements of it for regular and higher studies. GAMES & SPORTS .


Recognized by N.C.T.E.(National Council for Teacher Education)


Affiliated to
WBUTTEPA (The West Bengal University of Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration)
WBBPE (West Bengal Board of Primary Education)